Having trouble logging in or creating a user?

  1. If during authorization it says - authorization error. Well, it’s logical that you entered either the wrong password or your email with an error. No need to email me about this.
  2. If you create a new user, but a message appears stating that such a user exists. I assure you - it already exists. There is no need to write about this either; if you don’t remember your password, then use the recovery procedure.
  3. If you have an account from the site kolhosniki.ru, it fits here too. But if during authorization a message appears - authorization error, please read point 1.
  4. There is no guest account here. Your account is your mail. But if you entered it with an error, it will be as in point 1.
  5. Creating a new user is essentially a basic check of whether you can use the resource at all. It's very simple, just two fields. No SMS, no confirmations. Your email and password. It is highly desirable that the email is real and the password is simple, so that you do not encounter point 1.
  6. There is no need to try to enter some stupid accounts like user, admin, predsedatel@kolhosniki.ru, admin@superetka.com, etc. Your account is your mail. Enter it carefully, otherwise it will be like in point 1.
  7. Avoid complex passwords. Nobody needs him except you. No sensitive information is stored in your account. A complex password leads to step 1.